FarmBiz is available as a monthly magazine focussing on agribusiness issues relating to agriculture in South African and across the African continent. Read all about the economy, empowerment, management practices, legislative issues and much more. The magazine also contains our value chain magazine, Farmlink Africa, as a permanent supplement to FarmBiz.

Read FarmBiz in February

Read FarmBiz in February

FarmBiz is a unique monthly magazine aimed at agribusinesses and top farmers. Once again enjoy a treasure of knowledge in the February 2018 edition of Farmbiz. In this edition we give an overview of the South African poultry industry. The poultry industry is the largest segment of the South African agricultural sector, contributing more than 16% to the gross domestic product. It provides employment, directly and indirectly, for nearly 108 000 people throughout its value chain and related industries.

Look forward to articles on:

  • Canola: From field to table
  • Major trends in South Africa’s agro-food system
  • A visit to a chicken farm
  • Mealybug management to curb grapevine leafroll
  • Cutting bycatch and discards in trawl fisheries
  • Moringa: The miracle tree
  • Bankrupt bush: A serious threat to grasslands
  • A how to guide to successful land reform
  • And much more!

Look forward to an in-depth discussion on the agroprocessing of small grains in the FarmLink section. There is also an original Farm fare recipe to jazz up your average chicken kebab recipe with Hawaiian and Asian influences and, of course, bacon!

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